Jim Croxton
Jim Croxton
CEO of Bigga

Married to Caroline, father of Samuel (7) and Megan (5). Passionate about music, most sports and Manchester City Football Club.

I have been involved in golf since I was 6 when my parents took over the running of a golf club and we moved to live on the course. A keen but talentless golfer from an early age, apparently a career in the sport (though clearly not as a player) was obvious to everyone except myself. In my formative years I tried every job within the club including two or three years as a seasonal greenkeeper. This is fine when the season in question is the summer but my one experience of the winter put me off for life.

In an effort to confound expectation I studied Astrophysics at university and by some miracle managed to pass. I have since forgotten almost all of it.

Following university my first real employment was with the PGA of GB & I, I remained with them for 16 years spending four years in tournaments including refereeing the PGA Championship and the Solheim Cup, eight years as a Regional Manager and the final four years in charge of the PGA’s commercial relationships, sponsorships and tournaments.

In 2011 I was offered the opportunity to join BIGGA and it has been a thrill and a privilege to work with and for our 6,000 passionate and professional members.

In the first two years at BIGGA I have carried out a Strategic Review of the Association’s activity, written and implemented a Business Plan to achieve the Board’s vision and carried out a restructure of staff to ensure the resources are present to achieve it. During this time BIGGA’s annual exhibition, BTME, has grown considerably in terms of visitor numbers and exhibitors and commercial revenue has been improved and solidified.